According to the modern construction trends, buildings and structures should serve for a long period of time and be easy enough to repair. The current requirements for materials and construction technologies raise a lot of technological, technical and other problems. To solve them, a lot of important studies have been conducted in "Horizon-95"'s laboratories, and multi-component concrete classes B35 ... B3.5 (based on chemical and mineral supplements) have been created. 

• "Non-pulse technology" is used to create structures with thick, resistant walls, based on highly mobile multicompound and concrete mixtures.

• "Winter Concrete" (no electric radiators used) and "old concrete" technology is used to create, install, condensate, and store the concrete mix.

• "Architectural concrete" technology is based on the production of local waste materials, basalt and tuff with multicompound concrete.

• Solid concrete covers, including a decorative outer layer, inner and outer floors using ready-made polymer and cement dry and multicompound mixtures.

• Shotcrete technology and technology skills are used to create relatively hard structures that are used to repair sewers and water storage bases, based on multicompound mixtures of natural materials, including waste basalt.

• A system of technological and technical solutions to the problems of recunstruction of buildings and structures.